Are Chemical Peels Safe?

March 14, 2019
Are Chemical Peels Safe?

At AP Dental & Laser Center we offer a wide variety of services in our med spa. One of them are chemical peels and a common question we get from our patients who have never heard of them before or never done one is: are chemical peels safe?

You may have heard horror stories online or from friends who didn’t go to someone who is licenced or professional. But you may have also seen people with beautiful skin which makes you wonder if it’s safe and if it’s worth it to try one. Here are the facts you should know before you get a peel:

The Benefits of Chemical Peels

Chemical peels can treat a lot of skin abnormalities that you may be wanting or trying to get rid of.  Most commonly, they are used to get rid of dark spots caused by sun damage or hormonal changes when pregnant or sometimes even some spots that are pre-cancerous. These peels will exfoliate your skin and will improve the overall appearance of your skin. This will give you a younger and more refreshed look to your face.

How it Works

A chemical peel is a simple process to professionals who do them every day. A chemical peel will slowly remove a small top layer of your skin where it needs to be refreshed or replenished. The face is the most common place people get a chemical peel, but you can also get a chemical peel on your neck or hands.

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