Our Med Spa in Chelsea, MA

AP Dental & Laser Center is proud to offer their med spa services in Chelsea, MA. Chelsea is just across the harbor from Boston, MA and the Tobin Bridge offers a quick ride into the city. Chelsea is one of the most populated cities surrounding Boston, however, it is only a little over 2 square miles. Chelsea offers a working-class community with a big concentration in the industrial industry.

Chelsea has a rich historical background, the city was first incorporated in 1624 and played a role in the Revoluntary War. The battle of Chelsea Creek was fought in 1775 in Chelsea where American forces captured British ships for the first time.

Today, many people live in Chelsea as it’s a growing town! If you are living in Chelsea, and need med spa services then we are happy to provide our services to you.

Our Med Spa in Chelsea, MA

Eyelash Extensions in Chelsea, MA

If you want longer and fuller eyelashes then eyelash extensions could be the perfect solution for you. Eyelash extensions give you a natural look because our med spa will tailor them to your facial structure. Eyelash extensions are a quick and painless way to look your best.

Laser Hair Removal in Chelsea, MA

Do you want to stop shaving and still be hairless? We offer long term results where our lasers will target each hair follicle to give you hairless areas for a longer period of time. Laser hair removal has minimum pain and the process is very quick.

If you are interested in our eyelash extensions, laser hair removal, or any of our med spa services come to see us! We can be reached at 617-315-1515 or contacted directly on our website.

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